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Sunday, August 17, 2003

2 out of 3 aint bad

Captains Log, Star date, one seven eight oh three.
Everything is going swimmingly, the moral is still high and the crewmembers are still getting on with each other. There was an incident last night, due to what we believe was an electrical storm. The sky's started to make noise and there were sightings of beams of light coming from nowhere. Then we lost power. It took engineering about two hours to restore power. During that time we could do nothing, no DVD's no music and there was a second sitting starting in the kitchen, so we had to wash dishes by hand. Also we lost communications, as the telephone system needs power to work. Overall the experience was enjoyable, a break from the usual, and then staff night out was cancelled! We all ended up in the staff room with lots of beer and drink, and a good night was had by all. And we had our hour sleep-in this morning as well, things couldn't get better!!
Yesterday marked two months being here and only four weeks left. The summer is coming to an end soon, but still there is guests, who we must remember are on their camp, and we must not forget that, because they have being looking forward for the last year for these weeks and saved much to come here. We all cant just sit back and not worry or work, because there is still jobs to do, like they have been done all summer.
Well I'm off now, a night of movies await!! And I'm off tomorrow! Yeah!

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