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Friday, August 01, 2003

its nearly here!

What a crazy few weeks... were run off our feet getting ready for August 1st, TOMORROW!!! I start work at 6am, which isn't too bad, I'm used to it from catering, but I won’t finish until nearly mid-night. I've being meaning to write in the log earlier but I kept on having things to do, like our second disco last night, which was pretty cool.
Happy Birthday to Julie on the 29th! Hope you had a great day, and. because I'll have collapsed by the 2nd, I wish Brick a Happy Birthday as well, and have one for me.
When things settle down a bit in another week or so I'll reply to your e-mails and send a load of e-mails to ye.
Anyhow, I need some sleep as there is a busy day tomorrow... and I'm kinda getting excited!!
Until the next time, Happy August 1st!

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