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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

all down hill from here

How’s it going? And how’s things from your part of the world?
It’s being a while since my last update, so here is one to keep you updated with the goings on at Kandersteg International Scout Centre. Not much has happened these last few weeks, were just getting by. Well I say a lie there was things happening, but I will not say. You must come here to experience it for your self to find out what I'm talking about!!! So the last few weeks have being good fun, winding down from August 1st, but still about 700 on site and plenty to keep us busy!
I've also caught up with a few e-mails to different people, and I'm looking into going Skiing somewhere towards the end of the season, if its possible!!
One last thing, To all the Leaving Certers, I wish your the best tomorrow, and I'm sure whatever happens there will be options for you to take!
Good luck,

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