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Saturday, September 27, 2008

us presidential election post

This will probably be the only post I do about the US Presidential Election 2008.

First of all, has anyone noticed the connections between the West Wing TV Show and this election?
There is definitely a Santos/Obama and Vinick/McCain link. Considering Santos was based on Obama!
The candidates were also brought to the White House for a chat with the current president before he lands the winner in it for the next 4 year? What about the Republican just about to cancel the debate at the last minute?! Only time will tell, but hopefully Obama's running mate won't die on election night!
The BBC also have a nice article on this here.

On another note, as for Vice-Presential pick. McCain's choice was brilliant! A life safer for his campaign which would have been a walk over for Obama if another white male, stereotypical ticket was on offer from the Republicans! For those guts they deserve a it, if only to show the Democrats you messed up not picking Hillary (Altho if the West Wing parallel continues, Obama might have a chance to still pick her!)

I think this comic sums up a lot too:

So anyway, since I don't have a vote, I'm just going to sit back and watch the American People possibly screw the world over for another 4 years!


  1. How do the American People screw the world over? If it make you feel any better the American people are PISSED about the whole political and economic situation we have here. Our politicians won't listen we tried. I know vote them out right? Well look at the two candidates we've ended up with. Any suggestions. By the way I just stumbled upon your blog. Trying to get some world views on our life and not from the tv.

  2. Hey Deb, Welcome!
    Ye invaded Iraq over weapons that were never found! No denying you control and have huge influence on the world when it comes to military and the economy, and look where we are now! The last choice of president didn't do the world much good I reckon! Fingers crossed a change is ahead!