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Monday, September 29, 2008

open letter to o2

Dear O2 Ireland,

I'm a long time customer of Vodafone, for at least the last 9 years. I've also only had 1 brand of phone, Nokia. I have been a loyal customer to both companies.

Now since you got your monopoly on the iPhone here in Paddy taxed Ireland, and I really want one, the only option for me is to abandon the two companies that have served me well for the last decade.

For the last 2 out of the 11 weeks that the new iPhone has been on sale I have been checking your website for the opportunity to purchase one. Needless to say I haven't been able to as you know well, they are all sold out.

I don't want to hear your beef with Apple and their supply, I do know they are mighty pissed with your rediclous tariffs too and there is no one to blame for that. And I am aware that you will be changing them after Christmas, after all how can Apple target business accounts when faced with the options, a Blackberry easily out matches an iPhone on value!

You have me, a customer who is willing to abandon ship and move networks for something you fought hard to gain exclusive rights to (did ye really have to work so hard on this considering the deal was in the bag once O2 UK got it). Yet, after 11 weeks with the phone on the market, I'm here writing this letter explaining my frustration.

From Wednesday, if there is not any news on your website (last updated nearly 2 weeks ago) I will have no choice but to try and buy an iPhone online, get it unlocked and stay with Vodafone for several more years.

If you loose potential customers like me one at a time and don't care if you do. I guess I'll be glad I join your Company. Hopefully that's not the case..

Kind Regards,

Darran :-)

P.S. I know I won't hear anything from you on this.. but wouldn't it be nice if someone dropped me an email..


  1. Did you actually send this? Any reply?

  2. Didn't send it, they did see it, as did vodafone. No reply but I now how an iPhone!

  3. Surely you have had other brands of phones. Considering your still youthful age you must have taken advantage of the early prepay offers, I remember that O2 has a Mitsubishi or Panasonic phone that was all the rage at the start (perhaps because it was so cheap)

  4. The first phone was a Mitsubishi Trium Geo-@

    I then had the following set of Phones:
    Nokia 3310
    Nokia 3330
    Nokia 8310
    N-Gage - Won while playing the Nokia Game
    Nokia 6330 - Excellent phone. Lasted me over 3 years!

  5. Anonymous4/12/08 01:22

    doamm how good am I (a rhetorical question)

    I feel compelled to reply

    Nokia 5110
    Nokia 3330
    Motorola V770? Vodafone IE branded junk
    Nokia N70