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Sunday, September 28, 2008

cork lan sponsorship

Any Cork or National based companies out there interested in sponsoring Cork LAN?

Sponsorship can range from:
  • Name of the event - include your company name in the event name.
  • Competition sponsorship - "The your company challenge!"
  • Food Sponsorship - "Today’s meal is brought to you by your company!"
  • Area for your company at your event - show demo's, answer questions, get your product out there.
  • T-Shirt sponsorship - Logo of your company on the event’s T-Shirt. We are still looking for Staff T-Shirts, or we can sell CorkLAN ones with your logo on it.
  • Banners Placement - Put up banners of your company around the room during the event.
  • WebSite Placement - Your company logo/banner on the Cork LAN website.
Sponsorship can range from one or many of these! We are very interest in competition sponsorship as it is easy to donate prizes, and everyone loves winning stuff!

So if you are interested in even donating a spot prize anything in value from €10 up, please contact us on events@corklan.com and we can organise something!

Thanks and please pass this onto anyone you might know who is willing to help out a new type of event in Cork!

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