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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

rogers chocolates

Rogers' Chocolates
I started work today.

It was so much fun! I started at noon where I was introduced to the shop, and we moved on to the till and all the regular products! Learning all about their Victoria Creams, Empress Squares and Almond Brittles, not forgetting the Gourmet Bars and Truffles among other things!

It seemed like information overload! Kinda reminded me of the first few days I spent at KISC! Good fun :-)

So some customers came in and I helped serve them, learnt how to greet them and interact with them. The type of shop that it is means that it's not like any other shop in Whistler. It is an old school shop with that old time feel. Calling people Sir and offering samples. The best thing about the shop is that nearly everyone who comes in wants to get chocolate and is really happy about it!! In turn, its easy to be happy to them!

I'm really looking forward to working there for the Winter and the working times fits in well with the Skiing times!! Olé!

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