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Friday, November 10, 2006

rock shandy

At home my drink of choice is usually a Rock Shandy, a non-alcoholic half-and-half of fizzy orange and lemon soda.

Ever wonder where the name Rock Shandy came from?

A former Managing Director of C&C, Mr. Frank Murphy, was a member of the Blackrock Swimming Club that used to go swimming in the open sea baths in Blackrock. After training on a Sunday morning they would go to O'Rourkes pub in Blackrock for a drink. Their favourite drink was a combination (shandy) of Club Orange and Club Lemon from whence came the name, Rock Shandy.
Now at home sometimes I get my rock shandys with red lemonade instead of either the orange or the lemon. I don't know why this is or what the correct name for it is either. But it is usually a Cork or Munster thing... strange that!
So when I ordered one over here, I recieved the worst rock shandy ever, the Canadian version (in the Irish pub... the Dubh Linn Gate... no less! tsk tsk)

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