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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


So this year I finally got off my ass and got dressed up as the Video Game Character I look regularly look like; Gordon Freeman.

As it is kinda hard to construct an environmental suit from scratch, I decided that I'd go as lab coat wearing Gordon. People have made environmental suits before, but its far too much work, especially considering I'm off to Canada the next day!

  • For the lab coat, Eric lent me his. Thanks Guy!
  • The Crowbar was easy. There is a Superman toy with a bendable crowbar and that shouldn't cause a problem in getting into the club.
  • I wore a black and orange jumper, to stick with Mr. Freeman's Colours!
  • The lambda (λ) symbol and the I.D. Card were printed off and laminated at home
  • Finally the glasses are those cheap ones Department of Social Welfare Glasses thanks to Conor!
Some other Pictures from Halloween:

Ian as Sam Fisher and Simon as a Cereal Killer
Mezer and the Boy Wonder
Sandy as Sandy
Eric as Ken and Footsie as Ryu from Street Fighter!

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