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Monday, December 12, 2005


Never... EVER Underestimate the power of Study.

It can get you to do soo many things that you just wouldn't be bothered about doing without it! For instance today, I was going to start studying for my Financial Management exam I have on Wednesday... (did I say start... I meant continue.. of course!) but I kept getting side tracked!

Here is a brief list of things I managed to do before I settled down to the books:

  • Cleaned my Room
  • Hovered my Room
  • Rearranged all the wires from my laptop/tv/xbox and everything else on my desk
  • Tidied and refolded my Clothes
  • Organised my Shelves
  • Wrote an Email Ski Trip Group (didn't send it yet)
  • Did my recycling
  • Read a book about Farts
  • Managed to Break my Bedside light
  • And Stuck two stickers onto my Snowblades (one saying Red Sucks, the other Blue Sucks)
That's about it! I did in the end get a good bit of Financial Management done.


  1. don't think about exams and all those things u have to do! leave your untidy room and come here in sicily today is the 'Arancina day' u could eat lots of arancine and have fun!! so c'mon i'm waiting for u! ;) Lou_

  2. I'd love to.. except i have an exam tomorrow! And one at the end of the week... and one next week... not to mention Bag Packing... and Christmas... and then my trip to Kandersteg... only to come back just in time to go to Andorra! But if i was free, i'd be there!

    No worries :o)