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Monday, December 05, 2005

kinsale road roundabout

Ok. Here is either an interesting post about the new Kinsale Road Roundabout or else its going to be boring. First of all... the location. It's part of the Cork Link Road System, linking the City to West to East via Duel Carriageways. This is what it used to look like:

Now recently they started work on the new Flyover, and in all fairness they haven't distributed traffic one bit. They successfully moved lanes across and made more new lanes as they had to close other ones to make room for the flyover. Claps all round.

Also those numbers are a rough estimate of how many cars use the Roundabout during rush hour in the mornings and evening. (You know, 5 times the amount of cars coming in from the top right [Douglas] than there would be from the right [Woodies].)

During the last week or two, the traffic lights that successfully controlled the flow of traffic around the roundabout are broken/turned off/not working. (Mind you there is only lights on actual roundabout and the entrances at the two 5x and the 2x from the City.) This is what started to annoy me... not the engineers or the working doing the engineering thing, looking in holes and what not, but its the GardaĆ­­ standing in for the Lights.

The traffic builds up steadily at both entrances at the 5x's, the places where there is the most traffic, and that is because our finest have no idea or cop on. They give every entrance an equal chance and time to get onto the roundabout. The result is there is hardly any cars at the Kinsale Entrance (3x) or the City Entrance (2x) or the Woodies Entrance (1x), its all backed up on the other two... and don't worry, if a car does come to one of the other 3, they will stop the two main entrances to allow you to enter.

Lads, they are building a flyover... why? There must be a lot of cars going from one direction to the other... which directions? maybe the ones with the most cars... so why not... and here is the crazy idea... let loads of those cars through and free up the congestion!?


This is what it should look like in the end:

P.S. If anyone is wondering WTF a mushroom is doing in the middle of the first picture... well its called the magic roundabout, and whenever i think of it, i think of a magic mushroom, thus coming to the conclusion of a mushroom! Plus it looks class!

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