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Sunday, December 11, 2005

jcb song - holey moley

Holey Moley!!

The amount of people coming from search engines to my previous post on the JCB Song. In the last week alone... there was 112 unique visitors coming directly to the post page, with most of them leaving via the same page.

It seems to be people who want to download the JCB song for free. Now you all know that's illegal? You shouldn't be using programs like limewire to search for music or downloading it without paying for it. Why not use iTunes? It costs... oh wait... just gave a search... they don't have it on iTunes for download! myCokeMusic? Just checked and nope, not there either. Infact, I just checked the official site and the only place you can seem to buy it if from the HMV website. I suppose they just want you all to buy the single to make it a Christmas Number One!

My advice if you want to just:

Everything else is just illegal *cough*

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