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Saturday, December 03, 2005

the late late toy show

Ok... I've calmed down a bit from last night. I've also read Dec's response to the disastar. I agree completly with him. From the start, lets get it out of the way, i'm not Anti Pat or anything, its just... wait a minute... I hate the guy.

The start was the worst thing ever. Darth Vader riding in on horseback, and the Vikings and medievil soliders and i think i saw a dragon... WTF!

First off i must say, considering that xbox360 was launched yesterday, why was it upside down on the table and all that was mentioned about it was "the new xbox" while the main part of the segment was talking about the Gaelic Games Game for the PS2. And dont get me started about that game. He also brushed over the PSP aswell. Comon, thats meant to be the in-thing for christmas. I mean... Comon...

Infact i don't care about it anymore. I just feel sorry for RTÉ. There was more toys that you pressed and did stuff with than there was anything else. Pat tried more toys out on his own than with kids. The Kids (fair fecks to them) gave Pat a hard time. Pat can't handle anything that isnt scripted. In fairness he was a bit better than last year when they kid from Cork started talking about saying hello to his teacher. I thought Pat was going to break down. He was still Plastic Pat. RTÉ... Retire him, he doesnt have to do the job as long as Gay, get someone else new in there as soon as possible.

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