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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Yesterday I picked up a SubCard from a Subway. Hurray I thought! They are bringing back a loyalty scheme since they discontinued their Subway Stamps!

Lets look at this new "Collect points. Get FREE Subs" deal:
For every 10p [UK] or 15c [ROI] you spend you will receive 1 point.
500 points gets you a regular 6” Sub, wrap or salad
1000 points gets you a 12” Footlong
That means to get a FREE  6” Sub, you must spend at least €75 or £50, and double that for a footlong!

Now lets compare this to their old Sub Club - Customer Appreciation Card:

From what I remember, you got a stamp for every 6” Sub you bought, and 2 for a footlong. Stick them onto the card and when you have all 8, claim for your FREE  6” Sub.

An average price for a  6” varies from about €2.99 to over €4.50.
So lets say you spend on average €3.50 for a 6”.
Then multiply that by 8 to fill the card.
You end up spending €28 to get your FREE 6” Sub, or the equivalent now of 500 points.

So you now have to spend over 2½ time more to get your free Sub. On top of that, this time they have complete and accurate information on where and what you buy in the store from ordering extra cheese to making it a meal!

For me, I don't want to give them all my eating habits, but when I end up spending €150 a little reward would be nice. Do I even want to know when I reach that amount!! Surely for handing them all that delicious customer data their reward wouldn't be as stingy.