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Monday, July 09, 2007

things i dont like

At the moment I would like to take my anger out with the following:

Facebook - It won't let me import my (feedburner) feed to my notes! It says:

Import Failed
We couldn't find a feed using the URL you provided.

Also what is the deal with signing out if I leave to use the bathroom... It can't seem or want to remember passwords. On saying that... way better than Bebo! And it updates with my Twitter! :-)

Blogger - I have a feeling the problem above is related to Blogger giving out terrible feeds. But it is the posting that is giving me a pain in the head. Insert images was all messed up, not giving links to original images, yet on mouseover the curser changes to a hand, confusing everyone! Example: My post on Comics. They also decide to re-arrange the post with unnecessary fields in the HTML... *sigh*

I'm converting to Wordpress the minute I get my new laptop! Or maybe google will buy wordpress and do away with blogger?
Also no future posting. Come on!

Eh... at the moment that is all... besides iTunes, but that is a losing battle.

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