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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I like Comics. I love them via email!

I get Dilbert every day thru my email - Tip Top Comic, I also like Scotts Blog!

I also used to get Garfield then switched to Calvin and Hobbs, but I find both of them really boring. I also haven't found anything interesting on GoComics to change to!

I found wulffmorgenthaler, a free comic emailed everyday. Quite good!

Then there bLaugh, The (Un)Official Comic of the Blogosphere! Emailed every day that there is a new Comic!

Explosm.net also has come quite good comics, they have a feed but no option to have the comic emailed. Their feed also just alerts you to a new comic does not even show the image! You then have to go onto the website to see it! Pain in the ass!

Anyone know any other good comics sent by email?

UPDATE: I nearly forgot about xkcd! Yet another good webcomic, with a RSS Feed, and no email feature :-(

Wikipedian Protester!

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