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Monday, March 19, 2007

shamrock or graffiti?

UPDATE: More Photos here!

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day in Whistler and we needed to show off our Irishness. (Especially considering everyone seemed to be Irish yesterday)

So we came up with a plan! Armed with 6L of water, a couple of bottles of green food dye we headed up the slopes to a location where we thought would be good to mark out a giant shamrock. The location, which could be seen from 2 lifts, as well as the Roundhouse (the biggest Mountain Restaurant in North America [the world?])

The final result can be seen above (original photo slightly edited to you can clearly make out the Shamrock!). We needed to go on a mission half way through for another 6L of water! There was also a lot of cheers from people on the Peak Chair lift wishing us Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Hope you had a good one?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous25/3/07 03:24

    So Darran....

    This is my first time on a real blog, other than our election blog, which you missed.

    I like the You Tube in Whistler video.

    Better get a photo of you receiving your Employee of the Year award on this site.