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Friday, March 30, 2007

employee of the year

The Whistler Chamber and American Express thanks all Whistlers Star Employees for their outstanding work for the season and invite them to a Service Recognition Awards Night with Dinner, Prizes, Awards and an After Party!
I got nominated as Employee of the Year for Rogers Chocolates (Whistler)! This is what they had to say:

Darran has remarkable ability to put in just a little extra for each and every customer, each and every time. He is also really SMART! He is willing to work extra shifts -even on a powder day. He sees what needs to be done and does it efficiently and with a smile. His warmth and patience with customers is beyond compare.

As part of the award I got a letter as well as a really nice photo frame of Blackcomb Glacier. It is a great photo because you can make out all the areas and shoots I go playing on on the glacier! I also won $100 worth of gift certificates to the Longhorn!

There was also free caricatures from Cruelty Free Cartoons! I let him flex his muscles and do whatever he feels, only telling him I work in a Chocolate Shop! Here is the final result:

He spelt my name wrong, but I still plugged his website! Aren't I a nice guy!?


  1. For the record: I never remember offering to work an extra shift on a powder day!! ;-)

  2. Well done, from your very proud Mom!

  3. Anonymous16/4/07 12:59

    speaking of American Express...
    While you are in Canada, and working, maybe you should get an AMEX in Canadian Dollars, as at the moment you are possibly paying with your MasterCard in Euros and thus exposing your funds to an unnecessary FX reduction.

  4. I have a Canadian Bank account with a Debit card I use to pay for stuff and withdraw money. I haven't been using my MasterCard for much while I'm over here.

    But I really have nothing to complain about. Here in Canada there are charges for EVERYTHING.

  5. Anonymous23/2/08 21:51

    hey darran can you email me and give me some info on whistler accomodation and work myself and friend are heading there in aug for a year. yvette_nash@hotmail.com