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Sunday, October 08, 2006

rules of shotgun

The term "Shotgun" refers to the front passenger seat of an automobile. "Calling Shotgun" is the act of claiming the position of Shotgun for one's self. As this position is the most coveted of all positions when riding in a car. -ShotgunRules.com

These are the rules that i use for any car I drive:
  • The driver makes the rules i.e. me!
  • You must say "shotgun"
  • You must be able to see the car and driver at the same time but the driver doesn't need to be able to see the car
  • It must be called as you are heading towards the car to get into it
  • If you sit down in shotgun before anyone calls it, you retain shotgun
  • Shotgun has to do missions involving someone leaving the car i.e. to call into and collect someone, bringing rubbish to the bin etc...
  • Once shotgun is called, it remains the callers until either:
    1. the caller leaves the car for the rest of the journey
    2. everyone leaves the car for a mission that involves some sitting down or an extended time away
  • Once shotgun is called, everyone else can call seats they don't want to sit in i.e. "calls not in the middle" or "calls not sitting behind Darran"
  • The drivers significant other as well as the cars owner automatically get shotgun
  • Any problems or discrepancies can be resolved by the driver who may call for a game of rock, paper, scissors.
  • The driver also has the ability to remove shotgun from anyone for whatever reason they like!

They are my rules and subject to change without notice!

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  1. Hi Darran! Thanks for reading my blog! :) I thought I should do the same with yours and write a quick ´hello´ to you. Drive safely! ;) Take care, Lovisa