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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I'm off to Canada in 3 weeks. I got my International Student Identity Card in the post last week from USIT. I paid for it back in April when i had to fork out for the visa and flights. I only got it last week because when i went looking for it, they told me i never sent up any photo for it, so i sent one up! 6 months later i receive it and notice that it is valid from 01/09/2005 until 31/12/2006.

Now I'm off in 3 weeks on my Student Visa with my Student flights expecting to be basically being a student! I couldn't be more wrong. According to USIT they only needed me to be a student to book the flights and couldn't care less what my status is after that. In fact they couldn't care less if i physically had the card.

The ISIC Card (i know the last C of ISIC means Card) will get me many discounts on bus and rail as well as in shops etc while I'm over on Canada on my Student Visa, except after 2 months of use i won't be able to use the card anymore!

They have the system sewn up and don't care what people think. They are nothing more than a big bully and with their monopoly they are sitting pretty. Funny the Government doesn't step in, considering they are all against monopoly's in the travel industry and all!

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