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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

taxes and charges

I was looking for flights to Dublin and the two airlines that fly from Cork to Dublin are AerArann and RyanAir. As the good consumer that i am, or maybe it was the poor student inside me, i checked out both websites. The AerArann flights are €10 base price with taxes and charges added on later. The RyanAir flight was €0.01 base price with taxes and charges added on later.

Score one RyanAir.

Then when it came to adding on the taxes and fees, you'd think that because both airlines are flying out of the same airport going to the same airport at about the same time, the taxes and charges would be the same. Altho maybe the RyanAir one would be more to make up for the fact that the actual price is 1cent.

It turns out that they are not the same, AerArann charges €19.99 where as RyanAir is only €9.98 which is €10.01 in the difference! That's the price of another AerArann and another RyanAir flight to Dublin!!

Score one RyanAir.

Going further into the booking process you realise RyanAir charge you to check on a bag, €3.50 which AerArann does not charge for.

Score one AerArann. [null]

Finally there is a handling Fee for booking with a Credit Card and with my MasterCard, AerArann would of charged me €6 and RyanAir Charges €2.50.

Score one RyanAir. [null]

So looking back at the process the only advantage AerArann has over RyanAir is that it doesn't charge you to check in luggage. But the little fee of €3.50 would balance out the handling fee making both companies charge €6. So if you Null those two to even out the playing field, RyanAir still has 2 up on AerArann.

Total cost for a flight from Cork to Dublin booked with MasterCard with 1 Bag checked on:
AerArann: €35.99
RyanAir: €15.99
Difference: €20.00
(which would pay for my flight back with RyanAir!)

All that aside the real question is why are Taxes, Fees and Charges completely different for the two airlines!?

AerArann Taxes and Fees
RyanAir Taxes, Fees & Charges

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