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Friday, May 26, 2006

radio shake up

RTɉ have announced yesterday about the new autumn cabinet re-shuffle. Big changes coming to both Radio One and 2fm (I'm still refusing to call it RTÉ 2fm) I'm not surprised considering the recent news about the drop in listener ship figures.

So what does this mean to 2fm? (I really couldn't care less about Radio One, I'm not that old yet)

Current state of 2fm: Old man Dave Fanning is on for about an hour and a half at 6, followed by NewsBeat for half an hour and then one of those Nikki Hayes for 2 hours and then Rick O'Shea for 2 hours till Mid-Night. Its all very confusing and feels rushed.

Basically they made their evening and night time programmes more simpler.

New line up: What they will be doing from now on is 2 DJ's, Rick from 6to9 and Damien Farrelly 9to12. Rick O'Shea seem happy about this news, altho he is being moved again from his night time play what he likes to a more main stream post drive time slot. Nikki then replaces Damien in the afternoon.

So they got rid of Dave Fanning. I think think they might be onto something here. Altho I still see the fact that Marty Dry Arse Whlean is still on in the morning. I don't like that man. Maybe suited to 2fm in the 80's, but not now. Worst Breakfast Show EVER.

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