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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

road trip

Just home from our Road Trip. Last week we decided we had nothing to do for the weekend and beyond, so the most logical thing to do is go on a Road Trip!

You can download see the Route with Google Earth with this file: File [right click, save as]

We started here in Cork, went to towards Sligo, The Giant's Causeway next and then back to Kerry and then home! Over the 4 days, according to the GPS which i had on when traveling, we covered 1444km, just under 24hours moving and nearly 8 hours stopped. Max speed was 140km/h and average moving speed of 61.7km/h!!

Here are some of the Photos!

Bunratty Castle!Gayest Pose EVER!!!!

Welcome to Lovely Leitrim!I don't like Conor!!

The Giant's Causeway!

Welcome to Muff!!!!

Bow Chicka Bow Wow!


  1. Anonymous14/6/06 03:25

    From Cork to [whatever county the giants causway is in] how many yoyos in petrol did it set you back!?

  2. It was about €80 and his tank had a good bit left in in when we got back!! It was pretty cheap up the country. €1.11 was the cheapest!!