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Sunday, July 17, 2005

team invincible

Just had the best weekend ever with:
Team Unbelievable Invincible!

Sandy, Footsie and myself all went back to Castlegregory on Saturday after Sandy finished work. We did some surfing that evening and then we stayed up all night discussing love, life and laundry!

Then today we just hung out in the Caravan and after lunch we went surfing some more!! Twas Class!

I don't watch Finding Nemo enough. DUDE!!!


  1. I always find that laundry makes for interesting conversation.

    I was in Ireland around this time last year. I had a great time. In fact I even went to Cork- but then again I guess a lot of tourists go to Cork, don't they?

  2. Yeah, cork is on one of those lists that all tourists have.
    Damn Tourists!! Taking our Jobs and Women!