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Monday, July 25, 2005

invincible strikes again

World Exclusive, the first images of Team Invincible together on an Adventure! This was taken on Inch Beach... where we decided to do a few donuts in the sand!! Twas class!
It was on our way home from the Caravan in Castlegregory where we spend a wet weekend chatting, swimming, playing beach tennis and battleships!! Sandy was supposed to do her Project for college but "accidently" left everything behind... yeah right.

I'm looking forward to my holiday now... I'm off to CH for 10 days on Thursday!! Flying into Basel via Stansted and then train to Z├╝rich where I'm meeting up with Elisabeth (Spring04) and the next day heading towards the centre!!

Only 2 more days of Work!! yip yip yip


  1. Hello. Was doing my very uncharacteristic blog surfing and came accross yours. Looks like most people are the same accross the globe. Hanging out with friends and tipping back a few. Good luck with your blog and life etc etc.

  2. That's a great picture! Love it!