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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

avoid this pub

So I was in the Corner House on Tuesday night (yes, its the pub on the corner of the road) with a few friends. We actually went in for about 20 minutes coz one of my friends had to make an appearance for her sisters Birthday.

I went up and ordered 3 pints of water from the bar, I asked the birthday girl if she wanted anything, but she had enough. I came back down and sat next to my other 2 friends and the 3 of us drank up and waited until we could leave again. We were sitting next to a big enough group of people all enjoying themselves, all there for the Birthday.

Next thing the manager, who only a minute ago served me the 3 pints of water, came over to us.

"Lads, you can't just sit here drinking tap water, this place isn't somewhere you go far a chat, if I was in your house I wouldn't do anything like this, there is no such thing as a free dinner"
To which we replied: "We are just here for a few minutes, we are with this Birthday party just over there next to us"
And he just said: "Drink up and get out."

He was very annoyed with us, and we were not happy with that, a tall a tall!! Once the Birthday girl found out, she wanted to get everyone to walk out. But we couldn't do that to her on her Birthday. We ended up not leaving at all! The manager having just left after giving out to us, the rest of the bar staff didn't mind us being there.

I won't be drinking in that pub again!


  1. What a jerk he was. I wouldn't go back in there either.

  2. Yeah I know! I haven't been back since. But I know someone who knows the guy and they said they will talk to him and warn about his "early morning lock-ins" that are caught on a local CCTV!

    Don't mess with me!