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Monday, May 05, 2003

train research

With flights checked off the list, a train is needed to get us from Frankfurt in Germany to Kandersteg in Switzerland! (We did look at the train timetables before we booked the flight to make sure it was possible to get to Kandersteg in time!)

The two websites that give us timetables one was the German rail website and the other was the Swiss one. There isn’t much difference between them, except you can only get the German platforms on the German site and the platforms you should be going to in Switzerland on the Swiss site!

Die Bahn
Swiss Federal Railways

For the German side of the trip a return fare costs £111, or about € 158.
The Swiss return fare costs 284CHF, or about € 187 including booked seats.

Our timetable is below:
Dep. - Frankfurt (M) Flughafen Fernbf - 10:54
Arr. - Mannheim Hbf - 11:24
Dep. - Mannheim Hbf - 11:35
Arr. - Basel SBB - 13:46
Dep. - Basel SBB - 14:04
Arr. - Kandersteg - 16:24
Duration of journey: 5:30



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