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Thursday, May 15, 2003

questions and answers

Hello again! I’m delighted that so many of you like the website and I realise that its not the most exciting piece of work on the net, but hopefully it will keep some people up to date of my summer adventure and it will make good reading in years to come!

Last weekend I headed up to my Associations National Council, where besides voting on the formation of a new Association for Scouting in Ireland, I met Gillian and Ryan. We had a nice long chat about Ryan’s experience last year on staff, but he was careful not to give away too much! At one point it was like a game of 20 questions! I found it really helpful as he answered a lot of things we were wondering about. He also gave us tips from where to eat and where to climb, to a low-down of the long-term staff and basically made us even more excited about the summer ahead. He is also planning in coming over to the Centre for the August 1st festivities!

We also received an email from Mark with the themes for the International BBQ’s and some other information!

Themes for International BBQ’s and August 1st:
03/07 - Pyjama Party
10/07 - Black Plastic Bag Fashion
17/07 - Over the Moon
24/07 - Colour Blind
01/08 - Under the Sea - National Swiss Day!
07/08 - Beach Party
14/08 - Pyjama Party
21/08 - Cave Man
28/08 - Colour Blind
04/09 - Cross Dressing

There are also computers for the staff to use while I’m over there so I will be able to update and post entries to my Kandersteg Log!

At the moment, I’m in the middle of my exams, but there is only 30 more days to go till I depart! I hope to try to start to get all my stuff together and figure out how much stuff I’ll need to bring and so on.

I forgot to tell you the times of my flights, just in case you want to wave me off or organize a party for my return! On the 14th of June I leave Cork airport at 05:40 in the morning, where we head to Dublin airport. Gillian hops on for the 07:00 flight to Frankfurt airport where were due to arrive at 10:00.
On the way back, on the 13th of September our flight leaves Frankfurt airport at 19:50 where we arrive back into Dublin Airport at 21:00. Unfortunately there is no flight back to Cork available that evening.



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