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Friday, May 30, 2003

nothing going to stop me now

Exams…… Finished!! And as of from this evening, I don’t have to know anything about college for the next three months!! I’m Freeee!

Now that I got that out of my system I can concentrate on the next two weeks! The real preparation time!

Here is a quick update of what I’ve being up to besides my exams during the last few weeks:

I sorted out my Travel insurance, which I found hard to get. There are 92 days from the 14th of June to the 13th of September, and most companies will only cover you for a maximum of 90 days. So with the help of some contacts, I’ve managed to get myself covered!
A few months ago I was in touch with Tourism Ireland wondering about material that I could use to promote Ireland and help us with our presentation on Ireland while over there. I received a load of posters, brochures, pens and pins [not enough for every staff member…sorry]. The girl who I was speaking to was very helpful and I’d recommend anyone doing this to get some of this stuff.
Gillian has being in touch with me as well, and booked our rail tickets (after much emailing and phone calls… thank you Gillian!) She should have them by Tuesday!!
Bernie, the International Commissioner for Scouting Ireland (CSI) also sent me a nice document on “Advice, when travelling abroad to represent the Association”, and that’s what I’m kinda doing… It made good reading, with some nice pointers!
I’ve got my website on the Scouting Ireland dot com Website! And also there will be some kind of write up on me that will be circulated to all Unit Leaders in the country on a newsletter some time in the future!!

Anyhow, now that my exams are over, I can find some time to get down to the finer things for getting myself ready for that early flight out of here.

Keep you posted!



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