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Thursday, December 18, 2008

my opinion of irish opinions

Over two years ago I signed up for Irish Opinions. They take all your details and areas of interest and in turn send you surveys to complete online. Each survey has an estimated completion time, cut off date and reward. They usually last anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes and the reward is usually from €0.50 to €2.50.

This has been an easy deal with the amount of surveys increasing from 1 in 2006, 10 in 2007 to 15 so far this year. I have earned about €40 which I can redeem for HMV, Tesco or Amazon vouchers.

The last few surveys had really annoyed me. I got one this morning that was the final straw!

I received an email as usual telling me there was a survey waiting for me. I clicked on the link, nearly as soon as the email appeared in my inbox. Standard first question pops up; Age and Sex. When I fill it in I get this response.
Thank you for coming through to our survey, unfortunately we already have enough responses for this survey.
We hope to invite you to other surveys in the very near future.
Please wait whilst we register your participation...

This wasn’t the first time this has happened to me, several surveys in the past couple of weeks I didn’t fit the criteria or the quota was already reached. I fired off an email to them asking why they sent me a survey they knew I wouldn’t be able to complete due my age and sex (which they already know). I was fobbed of with a generic reply about sometimes the quota is reached on a survey.

I’m fed up with them wasting my time asking me to do surveys that they would know I can’t complete if they looked at the details and surveys about myself I’ve filled out.

I have decided to cash in my rewards and just stop. Once I receive them I’ll be closing my account. Thanks for Isabel… if that is your real name!

P.S. I sometimes lied on those surveys when they got too long and I just wanted to finish!


  1. You should try Shop and Scan, they give you a €10 a month just for scanning your shopping with a special barcode thingy they send you. They give you an extra €10 on your birthday and an extra €10 at Christmas, easy peasy!


  2. Thanks for that. I've registered my interest!

  3. You missed out guy. There was one today on the economy and it literally took 20 mins. I am sure they asked the same 4 questions about 50 times. was worth 3.50 though. Its a love hate thing

  4. Never got that one today. They only send me ones that I can't participate in!

  5. I used to take part in the Irish Media Survey - where all they asked you was what you watched the day before and what you thought of it.

    It never came to fruition though, and then all the e-mails I go when I decided to stop was unreal...

  6. Anonymous5/1/09 03:10

    Seems like by the time you go to fill out the survey, they've already reached their quota on 20 something year old males.
    Next time maybe try filling in your age and sex as a 93 year old woman. There can't be too many of them taking the survey!

  7. Anonymous30/1/09 14:45

    hello your site seem,s to be down
    30/1/09 time 13.30 link broken
    i cannot check my balance

    i also agree with darran,s comments

  8. Would someone please tell me how to get rid of irish opinions, their unsubscribe link fails every time. What a waste of time !!

    Thank You

  9. I'd say drop them an email?

  10. I agree about Irish Opinions, I have 9euro 25 cent in my account, and I joined over a year ago. Yes annoying, start survey and then I am told not suitable due to age etc, I joined shop n scan and usually order my vouchers every 6 months, you get a great choice, boots, debenams, hmv to name just a few. Eileen

  11. Anonymous30/4/10 11:31

    yes, is true. sometime u don t qualifie for the survey. i m more than 2 years now taking surveys from irish opinion and most of the time i got pissed off because after answering several questions i was sent back to the home page saying that i didn t qualifie. after being fooled many times, i started to fool them and now most of the time i always qualifie thanks to some trick. first, i never open the link straight away. i first read what the survey is about and then i figure out what categories of people they are looking for. example: if their querie is about food, u never know anyone who works in hotel, advertising or other fields. another thing, is always better if u are a single parent, or you have childrens.. trust me. is easy to fool them aswell just by guessing what they may be looking for. in the last 2 months i earned 20 euros just for few survey and very short time on the computer.

  12. Anonymous29/7/10 19:16

    have any of you cashed in your rewards? I ordered two €10 Tescos Vouchers 30 days ago and never received them. Ive contacted them about eight times both by replying to their emails(Survey emails) and also by using their website contact form but as of now they have not bothered to answer me.
    Id honestly like to know if any of you have ever received any payouts from them?
    Thank you

  13. Anonymous31/7/10 16:30

    Hey Anonymous here again, received vouchers yesterday in post :-) got smokes n beers woohoo, hungover now though :-(

  14. Yeah I got them in the post alright. 30euro for HMV I think... Can't remember what I spent it on tho! :-S

  15. Anonymous2/8/10 16:31

    Yeah I actually did get them eventually but I was also due another €15.25 that I had yet to claim. I logged in this morning and they had dropped my €15.25 to €10.25. Ive contacted them but as usual Ive had no reply.

  16. Anonymous28/8/10 13:45

    I have 8.75 on my account and 6 eur pending for more than 2 months!!! No credible answers to my emails they are really useless and I feel I've waste my time...

  17. I am Sick of Irish opinions sending me surveys and you get 5 minutes into it they tell you they have reached their target amount of participants.My problem with them is that you give them a lot of info in that 5 minutes.Does anyone else think this is fraud?
    Paul C

  18. I've just cashed out €50 worth of Amazon vouchers. In the four years I've been with Irish Opinions, I've claimed about €150. Good way to build up my CD collection. The surveys can be tedious and it's definitely not a worthwhile part-time job, but neither is it a scam.

  19. Anonymous5/12/11 19:06

    I would have to question their integrity as a legit business. I 'don't meet their criteria' or they have 'reached their target' - and this very often having answered a number of questions. They KNOW my details so why send in the first place?

  20. Anonymous9/1/12 15:16

    They are now screwing people out of their vouchers by suddenly deactivating their accounts of they reach a certain amount without notification and will then ignore you when you go to try and get the issue resolved.

    My account was deactivated over a month ago and I am owed £50 in Amazon vouchers and they are ignoring all my emails, contacts through the website etc.

    Avoid at all cost.

  21. Anonymous5/7/12 16:48

    I've earned €30 worth of Amazon online vouchers in Irish Opinions and I've never received them. I've never received any e-mail with codes (even though I receive their other e-mails daily), never received ANY REPLY to my 2 e-mails asking for vouchers and my account history shows invalid codes (000000) for all of them

  22. ive set up a website www.dataflog.com which splits any money we get with users, it costs 25c per question so if someone searches for you with 4 questions, we get 50c, you get 50c. just another option, www.dataflog.com thanks for the post :) read the t+c here, once you receive over €20, we pay out cash twice yearly in may / november. hope that helps

  23. I used to think IO was a good site and a it of a buzz when I very quickly got my first €10 back in Aug. I chose a Tesco voucher and still waiting for that. I got to another €10 reward ...a lot slower as the surveys werent as frequent. Still waiting for that Tesco voucher too.
    It seems that once you start claiming....the surveys are reduced to nearly nothing. I now have €6.50 in my account for weeks and I cant manage to get it to the €10 to cash it in. I havent had an email in so long now but I go into my dashboard to check. There may be a survey there but it's gone by the time I see it.
    When I get my next 10€ I will deactivate my account. They are so annoying now.