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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

fake christmas tree

Following on from Dec's post on Christmas Trees, I thought i'd share my thoughts. We have always had an artificial/plastic Christmas tree and I don’t see the problem really. There are many advantages to a fake tree:

  • They pay for themselves the following year
  • They are safer. They are made with fire resistant materials they don’t go up like dried out trees do
  • They don’t loose their needles
  • There isn’t an issue with sap (sticky stuff not anything here)
  • It is environmentally friendly. And don’t listen to those people who tell you that are from a controlled forest. What happens to your real tree when you’re finished with it? You gotta pay for a wood chopper, or chuck it in a car park/recycling centre and it will set on fire? Right?
  • They save time. No need to search for a nice tree
  • They are allergy friendly. Nothing on a fake tree will cause you to sniff your way through the month of December if you suffer any allergies!
There are a few advantages to having a real tree (so my argument is kinda balanced):
  • Help the local economy
  • Cheaper to produce.. yes it is true.. 
  • The smell of a real Christmas tree.
That last point would be a very strong reason to have a real one. This however can be artificially created too! Just buy a load of Royal Pine car fresheners and stick them around the tree, out of sight. This will give you the real smell you were looking for, without having to go get a real tree!
Anyway, with trees like the following video ... why would you ever consider a real tree again!
P.S. I notice from a comment that they were first invented by those who make toilet brushes! Classy!


  1. Anonymous3/12/08 19:11


  2. Anonymous3/12/08 19:14

    Are you joking?

  3. Anonymous3/12/08 19:15

    What the?
    Oh my word!
    You are a...BABY!

  4. Who are you and why did you leave 3 comments here?

  5. Anonymous4/12/08 04:26

    I'd rather spend the extra moolah for more grub than use it to buy and dispose off a withering tree after the Christmastide!

    Besides, I like to think that I'm being eco-friendly. :-p

  6. Plus we are in a Recession! Gotta save at every chance we get.
    Living beyond our means = buying real Christmas trees!

  7. Darran = Bah Humbug. And I thought that I was a grinch. HOW COULD YOU want a fake Christmas Tree. BAH....

  8. Mrs. Christmas (Wendy) swears by the fake ones! She even has pine spray to give them an 'authentic' smell!

  9. Anonymous15/1/09 06:36

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