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Saturday, April 05, 2008

oldest blog in the world

I was looking at my new blog roll on the right and noticed the last blog to be updated was Donncha's Holy Shmoly! 38 Years ago, in 1970!

Does this make it the oldest blog in the world? Or that blogger isn't picking up the date correctly?!


  1. Anonymous5/4/08 19:18

    Something screwy with my feed unfortunately :( I gotta fix that!

  2. At least it stands out!

  3. Reminds me of Gmail Custom Time.

  4. If in 1970 the donncha was able to tell us that Windows 95 was so good I'd like his opinion on the next version of Windows. When will it be out and should I keep my old laptop on life support until then to avoid vista? ;-)

  5. Declan...my thoughts exactly both on the 1970/Windows 95 thing and definitely on the garbage Vista. Anyway, its a good thing you captured a clip of the Holy Shmoly bug...