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Sunday, March 02, 2008

irish jamboree sign and logo

In true Irish fashion, news came in today of the Jamboree Sign was unveiled on site in Punchestown. The fact this news is over 2 weeks old doesn't bother me, there is something in the photo that annoys me even more!

As you can see from the photo, there is our amazing Camp Chief Christy (where is my kneckerchief) McCann and the new sign.

So now anyone attending any event in Punchestown will see that Jamboree 2008 is coming to Punchestown in August 2008.

Our new National Emblem isn't on this sign, which is a shame. So it will cost even more money to take down that sign and replace it with the correct logo.

1st Draft of the Logo
2nd Draft of the Logo
3rd (and apparently final) Draft of the Logo

With it completely over booked, not enough staff to do all the jobs, and the international guests coming to experience an Irish Jamboree separated from the Irish ones with their own programme, the word on the street is that it's going to be great... apparently...

UPDATE: As Des points out, it's nothing compared to the Jamborora One!


  1. Not a patch on the Jamborora logo...

  2. True Story... It can still be seen in Mount Melleray, last time I was there anyway!

  3. Anonymous30/6/09 22:52

    from Italy: I have all badges of all Irish Jamborees except the official 2008 TRUE one. Can you help?
    Ranieri Ricci, ranieri@mail.com