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Saturday, February 16, 2008

luxury self catering

This is my entry into the competition to win a €1175 luxury self catering weekend. All I have to do is write this post, mention Luxury Self Catering, link to their website and link to a friend who might be interested. Done, done and done!

I was thinking their criteria for this comptition is quite strange and then as I was pasting in the links it hit me. This is brilliant marketing. This is Search Engine Optimization like none before.

You will get blogs from across the blogosphere linking on that one term and not only that, to their friends website, ensuring the Googlebot won't just pick up the post as an advertisement post. I'm sure Glengarriff Lodge won't be at the bottom of Page 4 of Google search results for luxury self catering as it is now!

I still hope I win! 1175 is a very odd number too!!


  1. Anonymous1/3/08 16:36

    I too tried to get some googlejuice back in 2006 by encouraging the bloogers to link to my domain. http://ambrand.com/2006/05/15/free-money/ as I summarised then the weakness was my prize money was in EURO and was thus of interest to people in Ireland only. I see the same weakness here.

  2. Interesting that Damien linked to your Blog for the free money, but wouldn't do it this year for this competition!

    There was much discussion about it over on his blog!