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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

twitter bots

I've been busy the last few weeks creating some RTÉ twitter bots. They provide an individual twitter channel for all the RTÉ news feeds.

I also got a Nob Nation Twitter feed going to update you with the latest sketches and direct links to the MP3's to listen to! twitter.com/NobNation

I was actually surprised that all the names had not been taken and I even managed to get twitter.com/rte! I was inspired by the excellent BBC breaknews bot and other feed bots from menti.net.

What other names/feeds need to be twitter'ized!?


  1. Very handy! Cheers!

    I was wondering who started these actually - figured it was a safe bet RTÉ themselves weren't to blame :)

  2. To blame!? lol! That's me!

    Well if RTÉ do read this, you can get in contact with me if you want me to take them down, but i think it increases readership! Already 25 followers!

    Also see: http://ie.blognation.com/2007/09/27/rte-news-on-twitter/

  3. Anonymous12/6/08 19:08

    Well done Darren, I started following the RTE news bot a week or so ago I think. In my innocence I thought RTE had somehow got a clue but it's nice to see someone else doing something useful with their feed!

  4. Thanks Donnacha! Now at 226 followers, people seem to like them!

    Way cheaper than RTÉ's text alerts!

  5. If you want to take a look on a bot which provides the scores for the main football (soccer) competitions, check http://twitter.com/twitscores

  6. Anonymous25/9/09 11:20

    Why do the headlines repeat themselves frequently? It's really annoying, I get the same headlines several times over during the day.

  7. It uses twitterfeed and the RTÉ rss news feed. Everytime they update a news article, (sometimes they just update the date), the rss feed is republished and twitterfeed thinks that it is a new item and publishes it again.

    Any ideas how to get around it?