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Sunday, August 26, 2007

world scout jamboree site

While I am waiting for some photos from the World Scout Jamboree to be sent to me, I have been messing with Google Maps. I noticed that Google have yet again updated their imagery for the UK and now included detailed images of Hylands Park where the Jamboree was held.

As everyone who was on the Jamboree knows, the Jamboree Map was constantly being used as reference, as a site with about 40,000 scouts on it is quite big!

I marked out roughly where every sub camp and hub was, just like the map, but on a Google Map! The result:

View Larger Map

First impressions have been quite good from anyone who was there! There will hopefully be photos to come, I didn't use my Camera once, but Miri promised to send over a CD.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6/3/09 21:26

    Hiya Darran,
    Quite impressed my your map :), I overlaid some of the WSJ site plans on a satellite image to use as a detailed map by a Jamboree community site but plugging into the Google API is awesome, wish I could've found it sooner. :(

    Hopefully we'll bump into each other sometime :D