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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Last week I posted a little test about Google's Adsense Program Policy about encouraging clicks. It mustn't of violated any policies because I haven't heard anything from Google (yet).

The real test was to see if talking about your ad's or encouraging click would result in any actual clicks. With about 300 page views I got 0 clicks in the last 7 days.

Maybe my ads are placed in the wrong area of the site or blend in too well!

I was just curious anyway... Now I know!



  1. How does this compare with your TGU ads clickthroughs?

    fyi - it's normally about a 1% click through rate, so your ads may be in the wrong location!

  2. Well with 0 clicks, that makes 0% click through rate! My all time rate is 1.21%

    As for TGU, I don't have my reports broken down like that... donno how to do it! It's all 1 report!