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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

driving test

I passed my driving test today! I am now a fully licenced driver!

It was the 14th of February that i did my theory test and got a nice score of 40 out of 40 questions right. I then got my provisional licence, by walking into the motor tax office and handing across the form and my results of the theory test (and €15). I then was licenced to drive, with a fully licenced driver of course!

The test was over in about 40 minutes. It involved the tester asking me about 3 rules of the road questions, and to identify about 10 road signs. Then it was off out to the car. Pop the bonet (or hood for those Americans!) and tell him how to check the oil and brake fluid. Then into the car for a drive. He sat there telling me directions; take the next left, at the end of this road turn right, take the 2nd exit at the round about and so on... I also had to stop 3 times, to do a 3 point turn, hill start and reverse around a corner... ooohhh how exciting. I also had to demonstrate hand signals.

So i'm no longer a provisional driver. But what does that really mean?

The differences:
I can drive on motorways (the few we have)
My insurance will go down
No more 'L' plates on the car
I can drive on my own (not that i havent been doing that since early March anyway!)

That's about it...

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