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Friday, January 20, 2006

i have returned

I'm Still alive!! Don't you all worry... i'm still here! I've just about caught up with all the college work that i needed to do since before Christmas! I've also set the balls in motion about my summer, with the guys in Switzerland wanting to know soon enough if i'm applying to go back!!

So Kandersteg and the Reunion.
It was brilliant! It was my first time there in the Winter and seeing the place all covered in Snow was so weird! It looks so different. On saying that, it looks the same as well, from the Train station to the Des Alps and the Centre, some things never change! Once i steped back through those double doors into the reception area, it was... Yeah... i'm home again!!

We had a brilliant week, with lots and lots of friend that i know and met over my time there, and new friends made! I did a fair bit of skiing in both Sunnb├╝el and Oeschinensee. The Weather was Cold... -25°C one of the days! (yeah... DAYS!) and it snowed! And it wasn't like snow i've seen before. It was thick stuff... and it filled the place up pretty fast. Covering EVERYTHING in a blanket of white. Truely amazing!

New Years Eve was great. We roasted a pig on the spit and then ate it, and then we all dressed up in Costumes in the theme of Wild Wild West! We all moved over to the Centre where we joined the rest of the Staff and guests in a disco to ring in the new year. It was amazing and one of the Best New Years Eves that i ever had! Following that we started the Pub Crawl. I made to High Moon and gave up. I didn't want to wait 2 hours for Breakfast, so i went to bed at about 7:30 i think!!

The rest of my stay was just the usual hanging out, Skiing, Pizza in Desies, Ice Cream in Desies, watching DVD's and so on!!

Looking forward to my next trip out there again!


  1. Anonymous28/1/06 19:37

    " [..]with the guys in Switzerland wanting to know soon enough if i'm applying to go back!!"

    incredible! we're frinds from so long time... and i have to know this things only now on your blog like all the others!


    when did u think to make me know that!? i can't believe...

  2. Woops!

    Ok ok... i should of told you, but never had the chance! But you will be pleased to know, i'm not applying for any Jobs this summer. I will hopefully be out there as a Helper tho!