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Saturday, January 28, 2006

catch up time

My blogging skills and slipping a little bit into this new year. Infact I've been pretty crummy when it comes to posting posts! And to my 1 (maybe 2?) regular readers, I'm sorry.

From now on, I shall be blogging my hearts content and until my ears and eyes bleed. (See the banana phone post). Think of it as my new New Years resolution.

I think I may have to write a few posts in the past, and I will defiantly have to put up some, or a lot of pictures in the past. Unfortunately I'm gaming tonight, so I can't spend my whole evening getting this blog back to normal again. My plan is to clean up my desktop (what a mess... I just can't work with a messy desktop!) and then tomorrow blog away!

On a separate note: I saw Munich tonight. Its long, its not a very light hearted up beat film, and its not a comedy. Otherwise it was pretty good. And yes, it is very intense. Go watch it!

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