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Saturday, August 06, 2005

just jerks

Some people are just jerks. Take these two fellos. Lets call them Jerk 1 and Jerk 2.

Jerk 1Jerk 2
I had the pleasure of sharing a flight from Basel in Switzerland to London Stansted today. It all started at checkin really. There were 3 easyJet checkin desks open, 1 to London on the left and 2 to somewhere else on the right. I was queuing with everyone else at the London desk and Jerk 1 comes up behind me and starts queuing in the other lane, even tho he knew it wasn't for London. He just hoped that they would eventually check him in. When he got to the front he realised they weren't going to check him in and he didn't like that at all!! He then tried to squeeze into our que again, but thankfully wasn't allowed.

Eventually the other desks opened up for London and he was first in the que, big smiles and all. He was soo happy he managed to jump the long que on the left and was first in line. I moved over and joined the other que (in the middle) where I met Jerk 2 on the far right line behind Jerk 1. He was doing the same as the other guy and was holding back until they opened the other desks for the London flight. I was next in line for the middle desk, and he was next in the one of the far right, but the people on the far right were taking their time, Jerk 2 decided that he wanted to go to the middle desk. Yup, he turned to me and muttered something in French and just pushed infront of me!!

Mind you, consider that I didn't have much problem with Jerk 1 since Check in, Jerk 2 was soo excited to get on the plane!! He was lining up before his numbers were called and everything. I got in the que to get on the plane just behind him, but passed him out walking across the tarmac as he wanted to go in the front where they had a que to lift people in wheelchair's onto the plane. So I had no problem going in the back door!

Really, there is no need to be in such a rush to check in and get on the plane! We will all get off at the same time, and all wait for our bags at the same time!! Its the Duuuuuddeee philosophy!!

I just happened to be standing between both of them while waiting for our bags. Mine was before both of them. I guess I had the last laugh!

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