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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

bye rick and ruth

Such sad news :o(
I learnt today that Ruth Scott and Rick O'Shea are leaving the Breakfast show. Ruth is taking the 4-6 slot and Rick is back to 10-midnight slot weekdays.

It's excellent that they are still on the radio, but not so excellent that they have been booted off one of the Best Breakfast Shows Ever!!

What's worse is that the person who is replacing there is no other than Marty Whelan... Yeah... I'm guessing they are looking to change Ireland's Young Modern and Class Station into Radio 1.

I can guess why they wanted to move them tho, a gaping hole in the afternoon slot since Gareth left and night time radio being so disorienting... I just can't tell the difference between all those girls!! but they know how to play the good music :o)

But bad choice of a replacement... I may have to change Radio station for the 1st time in 12ish years!!

Comon RTÉ... Quit acting so stupid.


  1. I was mentioned on Rick's Blog!!


  2. Anonymous18/9/05 21:20

    great picture of rick and ruth that...didnt see it before


    isnt bad either :-)

  3. Thanks!

    I liked the way Ruth was giving the us all the finger! ;o)