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Thursday, June 30, 2005

time in relation to speed

Yeah, I'm pretty sure time is speeding up. This week flew, as did last week, all flying by. And I'm not liking it at tall at tall!!

Last week Summer officially began as all the Summer Staff started work after graduation. It feels like it was only a few short months ago when I was out there for the first time, being collected by Tom and going to my home away from home in the back of one of the oldest van's I've ever been in. Now my home away from home has changed into something else. As I think about my holidays out there this year (to help over August 1st, or Aug1st as I like to call it coz it quicker) I wonder what its going to be like, being back as a guest, well I'm a helper, but I'm not staff.

I was reading some of my previous posts there about Summer 2003, and it fails to bring back some amazing memories that I had of the place. Its amazing how a simple few lines onto a permanent form can have a lasting impressing on yourself.

I asked a friend a few weeks ago if he had a blog. He said he does keep track of his life in written form, but he doesn't make it available to the public. Currently, this blog is only known by a hand full of people, and I don't go around telling people to look at it. I did have the Summer 2003 well documented but when I moved to here I haven't told anyone about these posts!

You would wonder why, I go to all the trouble in writing and editing posts and the site, when no one reads it. Well for a start, your reading it now! I have a permanent record of my thoughts, available and can be updated anywhere in the world. And I'm sure, when the time comes when I'll want to tell the world about my rambling, I'll have a good head start!!

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