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Monday, June 13, 2005

alton towers

So this weekend we went to Alton Towers. The 3 of us (myself, mike and Conor) who can't go to America for the summer decided to have our own adventure and it was great!!

We got cheap bmiBaby flight from Cork to Birmingham on the Friday evening after work, where we hired a car (with the help of my grandparents credit card at the last minute) and drive to Alton! We arrived and checked into our B&B/Pub for a good nights rest before our amazing dat ahead of us!!

Waking nice and early the next day to a Full English (I do miss the Full Irish...) breakfast and then it was off to the park!! If you ever go to Alton Towers, you have to get used to 1 thing, and that is queuing!! They love it there!! They queue for everything from parking your car, to going on the mono-rail, to getting your tickets to the park, to getting in, to getting on rides, to pretty much everything!! The longest we queued for was for Rita (their new ride) and that lasted about an hour. After that we decided that it wasn't worth wasting that much time again. We got on all the big rides, Nemesis, Air, Oblivion, Ripsaw a good few times, using the fast-track tickets and the single rides queues. 'We are 3 single riders who would like to get on the ride... Together..'
Oh I nearly forgot one of the best rides. Duel is their old haunted house that they re-kited with quazar type guns in the carriages and you go around and shoot the ghosts!! Its great as you get points for everything you hit and you can compare with everyone else!! Brilliant Day!

That evening we went on an adventure to a near by town called Uttoxeter where we had a nice Bangladeshi meal a.k.a. an Indian! Following that it was straight home to bed!! Next morning we checked out and headed straight to the park, where we got in all the rides we liked the most the previous day and a lot of shopping. We finished up on Spinball Wizard and was quite surprised at how good it was, and we were not expecting it to be that good. We headed straight up to Manchester Airport where we caught our flight home!!

A brilliant weekend was had by all, maybe except Mikes face on the plane, but he'll be prepared next time!!

Next mission: Oak Wood in a day!

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