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Saturday, June 28, 2003

i'm a pinkie!

On Thursday we had out last day of training. And then we were brought out for our graduation. It was a fantastic night, absolutely amazing and the best memories so far. Then on Friday morning we were showing a list of where we will be spending the next three months. I am in Chalet services, and this involves working in house, shop and catering. After my 1st week or two there will be a set rota of how I work. It will be 2 days in one part of chalet services, 2 days in another, 2 days in either programme or campsite and 1 day off. I get a very wide mix from around the centre and I am quite happy!
Our first staff night out is tonight, and we are off to a big lake where they show us a big projected film. It should be good fun.
Happy birthday to Peter who was 18 last Friday.
And thank all of you who sent e-mails, I don't have time to reply at the mo, but I will get around some time!

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