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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

iphone prices worldwide

With the release of the new iPhone world wide on Friday, I have been contemplating should I get one. Afterall my old phone is getting a bit dated!

The offers here in Ireland from o2 are pretty shite to be honest. A €45, 18 month contract and pay €169 for the 8GB model up front! So I started to look online at the other countries offers to see was everyone else getting screwed, and the answer is yes.

I've gotten prices from USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Mexico, Denmark, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. This is the 8GB model of an iPhone on the smallest and cheapest contract. You can see a summary below and a break down of each country on my Flickr Photostream.

Some things I've noticed:
  • Switzerland is the cheapest place to buy a contract-less iPhone
  • Belgium is selling unlocked iPhones with no contract
  • Canada has the worst deal, with a 3 year contract
  • After Belgium there is Denmark with a 6 month and Norway for 12 month contact
  • The Netherlands, UK and USA offer unlimited data
  • Sweden, Norway, Mexico and Finland only have 100MB per month
  • Ireland and Switzerland isn't doing too bad with 1GB per month
  • Per month: Mexico, Germany and The Netherlands are all under €30
  • Ireland is up there with The USA, Norway and Denmark with most expensive monthly contact
  • At the end of the contact, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Ireland are most expensive
You have to take what you get from the contract (datawise, free minutes, sms) with what your going to be paying. Obviously when you live in one country it would not make sense to buy a contact for another country.

All currency conversions done via xe.com. I couldnt translate/understand Italy, Hong Kong or Japan. There is no word from Australia, Spain, Portugal or Austria.

One last bit of information. The i in the iPhone means Internet, as it does it iMac. That holds true in the USA & UK as you can use it as an Internet Phone. It is a pitty that other countries put a cap on how much you can use the Internet on it. o2 here in Ireland gives you no indication of your monthly download and if you reached or exceeded your limit of 1GB.

I found it intresting to see the wide differences around the world. I am considering getting the unlocked Beligan iPhone or waiting to see what the prices for unlocked one sell on eBay for. I'm not sure what i'm going to do yet. Lets see how the launch goes 1st!


  1. Anonymous9/7/08 18:02

    Hey Guy
    Thanks for doing all the work. Just remember to hold ... HOLD!!!!! give it at least a month if not 2 before you jump in on this thing cause u know something is gonna change.

    also did you see this for Canada?
    Just saw it get posted a few seconds after your own post.

  2. When I got to work this morning, there were people queing outside one of the electronics shops in town so that they could buy some of the first iPhones here. Some of them had been sitting outside there waiting since the place closed last night!