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Saturday, July 08, 2006

the wedding

Ciara Crowley & John O'Mahony
They were married today in St. Patricks Church, Rochestown. Altho it said 1.30pm on the invite and all the leaflets (is that the right word?) she didn't show up until 2pm!! We were wondering if John was going to make a run for it!

It all went off without a hitch, except for my cousin Barry giving out the wrong flowers to the groomsmen and female members of the grooms family!! But all was sorted in the end. Oh and the weather was shite. It rained all day and it was rotten. When you book your wedding for the 8th of July, you kinda expect at least a sunny day!

I also got to wear my new suit today as well. Doesn't he look well?

But the highlight one of the highlights of the day was the chocolate fountain at the reception. Comon! How can you loose allowing your guests at one of these! There was a choice of profiteroles, marshmallows and strawberries!! If only it wasn't guarded by the people who they got it from, I'd of climbed up and stuck my tongue under it. Funnily enough, the chocolate was cold... I still don't understand how it's kept flowing considering its bloody cold!!

Modern technology eh?

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